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Adoption Procedures


Thank you for wanting to adopt a Mastiff in need. We request a donation of up to $450 for adults and $550 for puppies. Senior Mastiffs are $225 and mixes are on a case by case basis.  Additional donations are always appreciated and accepted. The donation fee includes all the below vetting. Many times, the Mastiffs that we rescue are malnourished or have other problems that need to be taken care of. It is not uncommon to have one Mastiffs medical fees exceed $500. However, the adoption fee remains the same regardless of how much money GPMR has spent to rescue the dog.

The Mastiffs that come into GPMR come from many different backgrounds. Some are strays or owner surrenders, while others come from local shelters. We have all of our Mastiffs checked by one of our participating Veterinarians. We update them on vaccinations, test for worms and parasites, and check for heartworms, and microchip the Mastiff. We spay or neuter all Mastiffs that come into GPMR prior to adoption.


Currently, we only adopt to the states of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and parts of Colorado, and surrounding states. However, for the right home, we will consider adoptions to most states as long as our criteria has been met, and the adopting family is willing to drive.


So you want to adopt a's what you do:

Online Application:
Fill out our online application under "forms/applications." Please be sure to fill it out completely. Allow at least 7 days for our Adoption Coordinator or another volunteer to get in touch with you. Adoption Application

Reference Checks:
Be sure to have your reference numbers at hand when you are filling out the application. We check both personal and vet references. Please let your personal references know we will be calling them. If we cannot reach them, it will delay the process. Any other pets you have MUST be fully vetted. They must also be spayed / neutered. Vaccinations must be given by a licensed veterinarian, we will not accept vaccinations given by the owners.

Home Visit:
A home visit is mandatory for all applicants. This involves a rescue volunteer coming to your house and visiting. All members of the family should be present as well as all pets. The only exception we make to the home visit is if we do not have a volunteer in your area to do the visit. We would then require you submit digital photos via email of the following:
(a) All rooms of the home that your Mastiff will have access to. (Take them as if you were a realtor. We must be able to see the entire room, not just a corner of room.)
(b) Back yard including all four sides of the fence
(c) Front yard
(d) Other pets (excluding fish)

If you do not have a digital camera, you can submit photos via snail mail OR a video tape to our post office box listed on the contact page.


Children under 5:

GPMR does not adopt out adult mastiffs to homes with children under 5 years of age unless the family has giant breed experience. We will also not adopt a mastiff to a home with children under the age of 5 if the mastiff has not been raised with very small children. The exception to this would be adopting a puppy (6 months or under). Home visits are mandatory for families with children.


Please remember, we are all volunteers. We try to get to every application for review within 48 hours. Please be patient. If you have not heard anything within 7 days, please email us.

Thank you for wanting to save a Mastiff!

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