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Message From: Tami McG June 15, 2011
Keeping Hope in our prayaers! I am looking forward to adopting her when she is off Medical hold. :)

Message From: Sheryl June 8, 2011
I have two English Mastiffs, Chester was adopted as a puppy and will be 9 years old in September and Lily who was a rescue and Dr. said he though she was about 18 months old (that was 3 years ago). I love my babies and I have no qualms about getting another rescue Mastiff.

Message From: Christine April 25, 2011
My husband and I are in Justin, Tx and anxiously seeking a buddy for our mastiff "moose" who is mourning for his best friend who passed in Jan.

Message From: Chris March 23, 2011
I just love large breed dogs. We recently lost our Rotty, Corky, to cancer. We are looking for a mastiff and I will be stopping by again to look at all the great dogs and hopefully adopt one soon.

Message From: Jennifer Orth December 12, 2010
We have 2 beautiful Mastiff's, we rescued our Bella 1 and 1/2 years ago, it is the rewarding thing I have ever done! We love both of our gentle giants!! Jennifer, Keller, TX

Message From: Dr. Brad Neer, DVM November 20, 2010
If you need somerthing in kansas, let me know and if I am able to help. It will be done Semper Fi

Message From: Mary Ann Cole October 13, 2010
I came across your web site.....I have raised 2 English Mastiff... I just Lost my best Girl.....she was 6 years old......I miss the sweet and calm, loving, personality that mastiffs have!!!!! Respectfully, Mary Ann

Message From: Derek M October 11, 2010
Great web site and a great cause! Thanks to all of you for helping to find homes for these beautiful dogs. Turned in an application to adopt and can't wait to hear back from you and hopefully we will be able to adopt one of these amazing creatures. :)

Message From: (Private) September 20, 2010
I understand the need for this. We got a puppy with a genetic problem from a breeder that still has not made the health guarntee good for the past 2 years. I thank God we had the funds to have her cared for but we lots her do to her problem in August of 2009. I miss her. Just stop in to say howdy... From Arlington, Texas

Message From: Jill July 24, 2010
We already have one English Mastiff and are ready for another! We just filled out the adoption application and are looking forward to hearing from GPMR soon!